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Diversity in the Eyes of an Artist
Colored pencils more at peace than Man
do not fight over shades or compete
with the colors beside them in their box;
instead, they all somehow come together.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 1 2
A New Poetic Form: The Debonair Septet
A Debonair (or a Debonair Septet), named for its permittance of freedom without rhyme in lines 1, 3 and 5, and named for only being mildly sophisticated, is a 64-syllable poetic form consisting of 7 lines that follows the rhyme scheme: ABCBDEE. The first 6 lines contain 9 syllables each, except the 7th line that must contain 10 syllables.
Furthermore, when a Debonair is composed, the 64 syllable count (along with the 7-line count) is there only to challenge the poet’s word use and ideas and not for any other reason like stricter poetic forms that make your word use and ideas seem more forced.
While the term debonair often describes someone (notably a man) as courteous, gracious or charming, the name of the Debonair Septet form takes on its alternate definitions: sophisticated; carefree — neither too easy or too hard. That is what defines a Debonair.
An example of a Debonair, which is what brought me to define the poetic form, comes from my poe
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 1 15
Haiku on Haiku
         A Haiku is, well,
what Haiku has always been;
    think too hard, you fail!
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 1 0
Finity, Infinity, Eternity (the Omniverse)
What is Time?” It is a temporary mathematical number whose initiated
1 is distributed between the living that goes and slows in and out of sync,
and our dearest times that have their days increase less, decrease more
until no more. Time Its existence is unknown to every newborns shut
minds eye that has not yet learnt understanding: Times distinct numbers
get assigned to every embryonic beast and bug, to every nascent cosmic
entity (supposed and identified), and to every womb-begotten individual
by God (for you to decide is or is not a being or thing of eternal energy)
that (or who) formed the alpha-omega particle in all of us and all things
with strains of aggregating energies until solidified into mattered things.
And what is beyond the alpha-omega particles entire
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 4 7
One Dollar per Man / One Dollar Life's Worth
To every man's one hundred cents, take Life by the quarters.
No matter if rich or poor, you are only worth the dollar given
to you to live, or more if spent wisely minus all the nonsense.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 4 5
Looking Out
Looking out from her revisited, marred quaint frame, she sees
Vicissitudes in her troubled man's face over her eternal hiatus,
Slowly tilting his wet forefinger to the moonlit brooding stratus
Beyond the hissing curtains, reaching at heaven's tantalus glees.
So there she hangs in winsome temperament within that picture,
No more a freak-out nor deeply moved by silly self-discomfiture,
Not ever erring, her airy eyes ever staring above the pendulum.
"O' Lord," the slumped man invoked, "Bestow me love's laudanum
From Thy everlasting divine analgesia for my mind's harried state
To forbid these unwelcome, adverse moods trying to permeate!"
Still the man there is grieving, is not receiving, still is grieving,
Trying to shift his froze beloved's will, never wincing, still is still,
Whom calmest now to her dearest man, so reticent and pristine,
Remains sitting on the rocks in that lovely frame by the ravine.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 4 2
Synopsis - Genetic Reincarnation
Although it seems we never make it out alive,
newborn societies reincarnate old generations
by inheriting fragments of their creative drive.
This is the Synopsis of Genetic Reincarnation;
on our behalves they are reborn and so are we!
Therefore a part of us does escape Life alive.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 5 6
Daily Insights - (a-z)
Last Updated: 4/12/2017. Tip: Hold down CTRL + F in your browser to find keywords easier.
List of Topics:

1. Actions vs. Words
2. Affect and be the good effect
3. Age
4. The Alcoholic
5. Answers
6. Argument
7. Assumptions
8. At the Door
9. Bad Moods
10. Be
11. Become
12. Being Quiet
13. Be vs. Believe
14. Best
15. Blindness // Misconceptions // Ignorance
16. Bloodshed
17. Body Modifications
18. Books vs. Poetry vs. Short Stories
19. Business // Work
20. Changing the World // Changing People's Mind
21. Character
22. Circle of thought, all things within It, Eternity beyond it
23. Comedy // Humor
24. Complexity vs. Simplicity
25. Creative Drive // Aptitude // Visions // Ideas
26. Critical Acclaim
27. Criticism vs. Praise
28. Death // Immortality
29. Deeds
30. Depression vs. Happiness
31. Destruction // Extinction
32. Devil
33. Differences
34. Diversity in the Eyes of an Artist
35. Doubt vs. Belief
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 7 0
The Punctuations of Life [Guide]
There are no inimical, withdraw-of-the-hand Hyphens in true friendships;
there’s just trust-to-trust. Our disbeliefs are skeptical Interrobangs asking,
"You didn't, did you‽" "This cannot be, am I right‽" Behold! Life’s riddles
twisted in Ampersands & / on lazy days the Apostrophe's apt tongue’ll do.
Question Marks, whose answers await future thinkers, bait their catchy
hooks to lure our brains, do they not? Ancient Love entertains the mark
of Exclamation! Death (most do believe) is a definite Period. Those born
after us are the future's Colons: struggles are brief when met with Commas,
and time-begotten illnesses are Semicolons; last words fade into Ellipsēs. . .
And those whose thoughts are like Em-Dashes pondering these words,
you take this moment to pause — much like a parenthetical pause when
(or if) i
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 3 3
Heart Falsifies Acknowledgement
Admit; brainless, our hearts acknowledge nothing.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 11 17
Goodbye Old World. Eye See the New World.
Assumptionist cease; I'm not involved!
Your society's hush-hushed presence
Dismisses the findings I have solved
(Said theory), or truth should I be slain;
Exposure worries your loyal peasants.
Four vertices marry the all-seeing above,
Falsifying this perfect megalith of love,
Home it seems to the seemingly devout;
And whosoever involved accords so well,
"Goodbye old world; Eye see the new!"
Wronged 'oh noers' fall on their way out
Like sinners flaking at the face in Hell,
Their fretful, pressed lips no more eschew
Doubted truths emanating into reality:
Could-be-fantasies invented or in evil
Inspires madness The Ill conceive ill.
If ever a censuring hand censor or reshapes these words,
God bring forth their terrors in the form of a palimpsest.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 5 0
The Ultimate Mistake
Evil’s ultimate mistake depends on a guess God’s punishments are fantasies and thus will never be suffered for plotting, rehearsing, and actuating caustic prophecies and revelations — except nature’s daily moods — even if it means adorning seemingly pious idols with hidden-in-sight, exotic figures and symbols to do their duties and cunning, intently frightening a world into doing what evil knows society’s majority will do, or else endure the consequences and sacrifices in a harrowing list borrowed from God.
     It is an impeccable system fulfilled by transgressors, warmongers and whoremongers for the imperious wicked to survive lest the guess gambling divine interventions and entities nonexistent proves to be true. And ifsoever this oft misplaced conjecture attests otherwise, ignorance will beget understanding: a poor bet invested in incorrigible foolishness buys the weakest confidence loses every battle—against God.
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 4 0
The Trucking Traveler by VicariouSoul The Trucking Traveler :iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 3 7
Silence's Fear
Sound, sound, sound
On the drums within my ears, music!
Play away the faces of no longer heres,
Play! so all that's silence(d) in me fears
Ambiances and voices I want around
Whenever I am devoid or muse sick.
Be with me when all that is mine is no more mine
And Death's twisting maggots lift my body and fly,
When I'm a rotting host of all I knew to a snooze
And soot slurps at the blood, Earth's beloved wine.
Blood is memory; so long it moves Man's sinews
And ears can receive sound, music will never die!
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 8 5
Welcoming Our Half-in-the-Bag Faces
Somewhere (despite some unfortunate)
we are all looked at: someone wants us;
too far from home; they cannot have us;
chance(s) left behind, then we are taken
by another, O' joy! got old, want change.
Now look at us; that is not an option!
Years into tomorrow's future yesterday
we are too worn and gray wearing baggy
Halloween faces with no treats to offer
anymore, and no one wants us, not ever,
in every attractive passing but sometimes,
"Hello, how are you?" may come along
to give false hope someone really cares.
After a while it then becomes passé, passé,
for we know so damn well, looking back,
"Yep, another day of not happenings!"
yet ride an endless dream, keeps us going,
despite turning eyes to us, on us no more...
That is why my self-made T-shirt reads,
"May as well take a good look at me now;
45 years into tomorrow's future yesterday
I will be wearing my half-in-the-bag face!"
:iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 6 2
Thought in the Void by VicariouSoul Thought in the Void :iconvicariousoul:VicariouSoul 8 31
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Fleur de Lys by AlexandraVBach Fleur de Lys :iconalexandravbach:AlexandraVBach 2,322 289
The grave
The grave, an uninhibited dump,
A sight for the weary and dreary
Lacks rapture from the terms of the ground,
A cost of the livelihood clearly,
But in the heaven's light abounding
We see the storms brew ahead of time,
Calamity of the soul's active rhyme.
:iconunordinalwhimsey:unordinalwhimsey 1 2
Meseta2. by Ishamz Meseta2. :iconishamz:Ishamz 31 14 Mini-planet. by Ishamz Mini-planet. :iconishamz:Ishamz 46 21 I'm Up In The Clouds. by Ishamz I'm Up In The Clouds. :iconishamz:Ishamz 30 13
For Me
Alone I may be
but lonely I am not
For my thoughts keep me company
In ways people often cannot
Though my mind can be
Both hell and sanctuary
Today it is a companion
Only for me
:iconmadnessmalice:MadnessMalice 3 9
Spiral Galaxy NGC 4254
The unseen giant kills me
Siphoning my every breath
Igniting whirlwinds in the dark
Seven minutes of the arc
Broke me from my destined course
I woke on black sand dusky shores
Lapped by gaping tidal forces
From the Night's Plutonian Shore
Starless night stares out before me
Gaping darkness spewing void
Invisible monsters herding me
To supermassive lightless suns
I fell into the seething vortex
Long ago in Plank's own time
I felt entropy reverse, turning
To bottomless wells in the void
I wait in the darkness behind the stars
Until solar winds will once more touch my face
Alone, not-dead, in quantum fields I lie
With the strange aeons, even death may die
:iconomnius666:Omnius666 2 2
Wishing Well
Here is the story of three doves.
Each one began with one rule.
The first one had wings of wax;
And thought she could fly.
At least until the sun burned them away.
Somewhere in the distance;
The second hears a voice calling.
Like feathers falling toward the sea.
The third bleeds for compassion.
She reads thoughts of emotion.
And this is how the madness comes to show.
Out in the night;
Someone is crying to come back.
The three are trying;
While the first has her poisonous influence.
The second has an eternal confusion with the first.
Oh, the poor third dove;
Stood in the shadows while she is dying.
Which room do the three stand in?
There is a nightmare waiting to happen.
Take each other's hand;
And fall
The first sets the bait.
And she waits for the second to bite in.
The third seems to always want inbetween the first two.
A true loneliness between the three.
Which tomb can they pick?
The first is always locked in the room;
With a raven.
Can the second and thi
:icongargoylesblood:GargoylesBlood 5 5
European Portraits: No. 19 by Nullermanden European Portraits: No. 19 :iconnullermanden:Nullermanden 178 31 wave by aerroscape wave :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 220 23 Ignition by aerroscape Ignition :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 1,443 74 on shore of the sky by aerroscape on shore of the sky :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 7,814 450
A life
An invisible birth, a quiet death.
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 26 24
Vesa, Sword Salvager by yuchenghong Vesa, Sword Salvager :iconyuchenghong:yuchenghong 6,007 130 Palace of the Mountain King by ErikShoemaker Palace of the Mountain King :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 1,782 264 Wield 20 by JesseMeyer Wield 20 :iconjessemeyer:JesseMeyer 981 120
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Music plays genius; listen, and create! — That is what I do.


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